John Panepinto

Co Host


John Panepinto is a NY based actor, host and content creator. A performer from the age of 10, John has appeared on stage in a multitude of roles, has edited and performed in his own small film projects and can even, at times, be found at the wrong end of a puppet or two. In addition to performing, John spearheaded the talk radio program “The Cool Side of the Pillow”, a careful mix of comedy, news, pop culture and opinion. No matter what the format, his number one goal has been and will always be, to tell a good story.


Frank Caiati

Co Host


Frank’s life has so far taken him through the worlds of acting, directing, design, education and psychology. Bringing a unique mix of comedy and curiosity to The Nobody Podcast allows him to get out of the house once in a while and gives him an excuse to hang out with some of the funniest and most interesting people. 


Danielle Fisher


Danielle Edited headshots  003.jpg

Danielle is a New York-based illustrator, designer, and overall creative professional. When not working, Danielle can be found both on and off stage at the Rockaway Theater Company where she is one of their set designers in residence. Though she keeps a low profile on the show, her unmistakable laugh is always there to lighten the mood!

Matt Hunt



Matt is an aspiring voice actor from Brooklyn NY with eclectic tastes who enjoys sarcasm and off-the-wall comedy. For all things nerdy (but especially Power Rangers, Japan, etc.) follow him on twitter @TheRealMattHunt.

Joseph Hagopian



Joe is a Brooklyn native and a lover of all things fine food. Always keeping his eye out for something new, he can usually be found wandering the city looking for his next culinary adventure. In addition to his finer taste’s joe bring his knowledge of sports, culture and most importantly irreverent humor to the show. Part time writer, part time correspondent, part time advisor. Full time Nobody. @habibi_joseph

Thomas Zaccheo



Thomas Zaccheo is a graduate of Brooklyn College. He's been a location Sound Mixer for 7 years. His work can be heard in several feature films, which are available now on Amazon Prime and Netflix. He has a portfolio of clients ranging from CNN to WWE.

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